Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why are student Growth screening tests important? I am a parent, and my child is not going to be a professional athlete.

    The Student Health Monitor Physical Growth assessment is based not on athletic ability, but on good physical and mental development. No matter what your children grow up to become, they will live happier, and lead a more productive life if they are healthy and physically fit. The Student Health Monitor provides accurate and reliable information about one’s child’s growth. The tests and reports include a number of different assessments, because growth has multiple components. By having a complete report, you and your child can know more about their overall level of physical development, and that how it can be improved in the long-run.

  • Why is physical activity and fitness important?

    Physical activity and fitness are not the same. Participation in regular physical activities lead to improvement in physical fitness, and extend a number of health related benefits. Physical activities reduce the risk of premature mortality in general, and of coronary artery diseases, hypertension, colon cancer, and diabetes mellitus in particular. Physical activities also improve mental health, and are important for improving the health of muscles, bones, and joints.

  • How does a growth report lead to better health and fitness?

    The Student Health Monitor Report generated by the software, provides information regarding growth in an easy to read format. More importantly, the report provides personalized tips and suggestions that can help in planning an individualized fitness plan. An accurate assessment of physical fitness is one component of a comprehensive physical education curriculum which includes health-related fitness education. The report provides a way for teachers and parents to teach children about the importance of being active and fit throughout their life.

  • What is the importance of Eye Testing software for my child?

    Healthy vision is essential for children to achieve their full potential in school and general life. With up to one in four children having vision disorder, our eye testing software strives to dramatically improve the quality and availability of vision screenings to ensure that children struggling with vision problems are identified for the follow up care they need. Since the vision of human beings change throughout the school-age years, we strongly recommend that all school-age children must receive vision screening annually to secure timely and effective treatment.
    This system offering 3 tests in 1 includes visual acuity, depth perception, and colour vision testing. Featuring comprehensive vision screening capabilities, this software accurately detects all of the prevalent and severe vision disorders affecting school age children. It also fully automates data collection and reporting and interprets the same into electronic health data and student records systems.

  • Will Schools use Student Health Monitor to grade my child?

    The Student Health Monitor assessment and reports are intended to provide teachers and parents with accurate information about their children’s growth. A statement developed by the Student Health Monitor advisory board says that schools should not use Student Health Monitor either to grade your child or to evaluate teachers. The inherent aim of the Student Health Monitor program is to promote regular, enjoyable, physical activities for students so that they can reach and maintain a level of physical fitness that can contribute to their overall good health and well-being. Student health monitor helps teachers to determine students personalized needs too. Student Health Monitor also helps parents/guardians understand their child’s needs so that they can help their child develop and stick to a regular physical activity and balanced diet plan.

  • Will my child’s Student Health Monitor scores be posted or made public?

    Student Health Monitor results are meant to be individualized and personalized. Schools should not post Student Health Monitor results. They are to be used only by the teacher, the child, and the child’s parents/guardians.

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