Student Health Monitor machine provide very easy, real time & up-to-date information on school’s current growth issues and historical growth records. We provide you printed reports of student growth screening, vision screening, balanced diet and regular physical activity.

Student Health Monitor supported by our online PC Health Monitoring Software

Student Health Monitor is supported by our online PC Health Monitoring Software which provides very easy, real time & up-to-date information on school’s current growth and development issues with historical growth records.

Online printed reports of student growth screening, vision screening, balanced diet and regular physical activity can be downloaded at any moment of time. Physical fitness is vital to overall health but the physical growth assessment must not be based on only athletic ability of the child. But we are much focused on growth and overall development of the child. No matter how the child grows physically, he/she must live more productive, happy and healthy life.

Many students feel they don’t get proper time to keep check on their personal health until an illness catches hold and stops them in their tracks. Student Health Monitor provides accurate and reliable information about the child’s growth. Growth cannot be assessed by one or two parameters, but it has multiple components. The software provides the tests for almost every aspect of growth parameter to assess it more accurately. By having a complete report, you and your child will know more about their overall level of physical condition and how it can be improved. The Student Health Monitor report generated by the software provides growth information in an easy readable format. The report even provides personalized tips and suggestions that can help in planning an individualized fitness plan.

An accurate assessment of physical fitness is one component of a comprehensive physical education curriculum that incorporates health-related fitness education. The report provides a way for teachers and parents to teach children about the importance of being active and fit throughout their life. Knowing your child body type is the first step to reach his best physique which can be understood well with the generated reports. This will enhance the child physical appearance and health tremendously


Advantages List

International Quality Standard

Online Access To All Reports

Real Time Updated Information

Create Positive Energy & Self Esteem

Research, Monitoring & Evaluation

Easy, Detailed & Real Time Health Report

Over All Vision Evaluation

Higher Daily School Attendance

Obesity Prevention

Expert Advice For Balanced Diet

Workout Suggestion

Online Tracking of SHM Report

Benefits Of Online Student Health Monitoring

Balanced diet can help improve overall student health and regular physical activity will improve your physical and mental health and fitness, our experts recommend that each student should get 60 minutes or more of moderate to vigorous physical activity and healthy diet plan for each students.

These days, most likely you must have heard about the importance of balanced diet and regular physical activity. And although it is true that sports and exercise can be effective when it comes to shedding a few pounds, the benefits do not end there. In fact, sports and exercise are crucial when it comes to obesity prevention, enhanced life expectancy and learning performance. Teens may also be able to improve academically through participation in sports and exercise.

Obesity Prevention

Obesity is a condition where a person has accumulated so much body fat that it might have a negative effect on their health. Obesity is a major health concern in India on fitness, sports and nutrition. Almost 34 percent of adults and 17 percent of children and adolescents are living with this condition. When left untreated, obesity can lead to a number of serious chronic health conditions, heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and some types of cancer.

Fortunately, participation in physical activity, such as organized sports or structured exercise, has been found to be highly effective when it comes to promoting weight loss and reversing rates of obesity. To manage obesity, the department of health and human services recommends up to 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity each day. Exercises are crucial when it comes to obesity prevention, chronic illness management and enhanced life expectancy. Teens may also be able to improve academically through participation in sports and exercise. The software monitors child physical activity and growth and alarms the teacher and parents if one is moving towards obesity.

Increased Life Expectancy

The life expectancy for a particular person or population group depends on several variables such as their lifestyle, access to healthcare, diet, economical status and the relevant mortality and morbidity data. Over the past several centuries, estimated life expectancy have continued to rise. However, balanced diet and physical activity can result in an increase in life expectancy by as much as seven minutes. In general, individuals who are physically active and have a normal body weight can expect to live up to seven years longer than those who are inactive and obese. The software is a tool to make a life more energetic and lively.

Learning Performance

Sports and nutrition based programs have been shown to improve the learning performance of children and young people, encouraging school attendance and a desire to succeed academically. Better nutrition and physical activities make the body and mind fit to adapt the learning environment. Increase in fitness make a student more attentive and alert, thereby by increasing the learning performance of the child.

Additional Benefits

Children and teenagers not only notice physical benefits from participation in sports or exercise but also experience enhanced cognition. Regular aerobic physical activity is positively correlated with improvements in cognition, academic achievement and behavior. It has been noticed that teenagers that play sports or exercise regularly are less likely to smoke or drink alcohol. Thus the awareness in child keeps him away from such antisocial activities thereby moving him towards the right path of success.